Ushuaïa Beach Hotel



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Estudio Vila 13


Ibiza, Spain.


Roberto Castaño

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Located at Playa d’en Bossa, the Ushuaïa Beach Hotel has become a synonym for luxury, music and fun in Ibiza, offering clubbers and celebrities from all around the world the most exclusive electronic daytime parties.In November 2014, the 5th Annual European Hospitality Awards praised this hotel for having the ‘Best Use of Technology,’ an award which acknowledged its unique ability to anticipate guests’ needs in all areas of hotel service.

The Challenge

This challenge has been spectacularly overcome through the use of KLEIN® sliding door systems, which are present in every one of the 234 rooms in the complex, separating the bathroom from the rest of the space with mobile, frameless glazed panels which, in addition to being subtle and minimalist, broaden one’s visual perception of the already spacious suites.

The architects at Estudio Vila 13 have come up with a transparent glass cube, practically invisible, to delineate the space dedicated to the shower without losing any natural light. The shower is set apart, but at the same time, is part of the rest of the room. Guests access the shower through a sliding glass door which glides silently and effortlessly over a transparent fixed glass panel.

"The architects at Estudio Vila 13 have come up with a transparent glass cube, practically invisible, to delineate the space dedicated"

A unique KLEIN® Rollglass profile, cut at 45º, provides the necessary technology and design to elegantly integrate all elements of this glass cube, both the fixed glass panels and the sliding door.

The toilette is given a similar treatment, albeit with a greater level of privacy: a discrete, cubic space with a translucent sliding glass door that glides across a fixed partition, presenting a minimal separation between the fixed panel and the sliding one.In either case, due the absence of a floor track, there are no architectural barriers, highlighting the overall airy, lightweight feel of the room.

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