Closet doors systems

KLEIN closet door systems have been manufactured with the aim of facilitating the application of sliding or folding doors also in furniture, dressing rooms and cloakrooms. Find the best solutions to optimize your closet space and space thanks to the versatility of our closet door guides.

A guarantee also for your wardrobes

KLEIN has a long and recognized experience in the design and manufacture of sliding door systems for built-in wardrobes and interior doors. For this reason, it is known by installers, architects and furniture manufacturers for the high quality of its guides, durability and technical reliability.


Design the perfect walk-in closet: KLEIN makes it easy

Our sliding systems for closet doors guarantee minimal separation between mobile panels, even when using parallel-sliding panels or mobile openings. Our designs are characterized by elegance and minimalism.

We have a wide range of sliding systems for wardrobe doors, which will blend in perfectly with your architectural project. Your design will stand out, down to the very last detail. Smooth, silent, convenient sliding is something we always look for in wardrobe doors. And we absolutely prioritize doors that facilitate easy circulation.

Sliding door systems for wardrobes: gain space and functionality while maintaining aesthetics

Discover our sliding doors designed for built-in wardrobes

In every residential interior design project, the attention given to storage spaces makes a great difference in comfort in the daily life of its future inhabitants. Wardrobes and dressing rooms occupy a central place in the organization of the house and must be designed to facilitate access to everything they keep, respecting the aesthetic codes of the chosen interior design.

Although the traditional approach has been to opt for swing doors, the presence of built-in wardrobes with sliding doors is becoming more and more prominent. It is a solution tailored to your project, which enhances space savings thanks to the lateral movement of the leaves and allows for personalized finishes.

Custom-made sliding wardrobe doors: choose the perfect door size for your project

The sliding panels are guided by rails instead of being supported by hinges, thus allowing for larger wardrobe doors. This has two advantages:

  • You can custom-design the wardrobe for the space.
  • You ensure easy access to the contents of the wardrobe.

With wider, taller panels, sliding doors grant you the ability to customise your opening and access options. KLEIN sliding systems for wardrobe doors are known for their high quality and impeccable design: they allow for doors weighing up to 80 Kg.

Whether you are choosing sliding doors for shoe storage or sliding doors for a clothing wardrobe or walk-in closet access point, KLEIN has a wide variety of suitable applications.

Doors that adapt to the type of wardrobe movement you have in mind

We propose different types of systems, thus responding to all spatial organization needs, always looking for the best access and the greatest comfort. With KLEIN you can design wardrobes with sliding doors with mirrors, glass or wood.

The variety of materials and finishes available contribute to the personalization of the wardrobe set. KLEIN systems are designed to make your project a reality in all its details: you choose mirror, wood, glass or even natural fibers such as rattan as the star material

Custom-made sliding wardrobe doors: choose the perfect door size for your project

We open our wardrobe doors many times per day, which is why it is so important to ensure that you have the correct opening system, one that will slide smoothly, comfortably, and silently without any doors getting in the way of those moving around the area.

With KLEIN, you can design wardrobes with sliding doors made of mirror, glass, or wood The variety of materials and finishes available contributes to the customised nature of the overall wardrobe. KLEIN systems are designed to make your project a reality through all of their details: you can choose mirror, wood, glass, or even natural fibres like rattan to be the star material…

The technical installation options are also key. Achieve maximum architectural integration by opting for a recessed system. Sliding wood or glass doors, sliding-folding doors, sliding and/or folding doors with one, two, or more mirrors, a contemporary or classic design: you decide.

Every option is available to help you achieve a beautiful, consistent final result.