Plan configurator

KLEIN plan configurator is a simple and intuitive tool that allows you to obtain the technical plans for your interior space division projects with KLEIN systems (basics or executives) in seconds. A very useful tool developed for architecture, interior design and installation professionals.

Find the ideal system and set upthe construction plan drawing in seconds

Obtaining the complete construction details of your renovation or interior space division or partition project has never been easier!

You just have to select the system that best fits the characteristics of your project and complete the information with the data we request. The new KLEIN's plan configurator will automatically create a downloadable document with the specifications of your project.

Remember that, in addition, you can create the quote of the drawing plan of your project or reform with just two clicks!

Do you already have the plan? Create your budget for your project or reform in seconds!

Thanks to KLEIN specs tool you can add all the KLEIN systems in your plan and download the project quote to send it to your clients. Thanks to the new KLEIN tools you will save time, while providing the best certified solution for your clients.

Plan configurator steps

  • STEP 1: DISCOVER AND CHOOSE: Explore our collection of sliding and folding systems in our PRODUCTS section and filter the technical characteristics, such as the type of material or type of opening, to select the system that best suits your project. Once selected, click on "Plan and Estimate Wizard" and start customizing.

  • STEP 2: CUSTOMIZE AND DOWNLOAD: Enter the measurements of the installation to calculate the measurements that will allow the KLEIN system to fit into your space. You can now generate a PDF document with the calculated measurements and the detailed installation sections.

  • STEP 3: GENERATE QUOTE AND PERSONALIZE IT: Once the measurements of the door/system have been calculated, the wizard will give you the option of specifying the length and color of the profiles, among other data, to give you the complete quote for the KLEIN system, such as wood or glass panels.

KLEIN's quote generator: Save time with the definitive tool

KLEIN's quote generator is an ideal tool to generate your own budgets in an agile, fast and efficient way, in a few minutes. Thanks to the KLEIN quote generator, you will be able to calculate and create a document where the cost of all materials appears in order to print or send your budget to your clients.

In addition, the quote generation tool allows you the possibility of adding all the KLEIN systems from your quote to the cart for a purchase in complete peace of mind. With the new KLEIN tools you will save time not only in finding the best solution, but also when creating an estimate and purchasing the system.

Remember that we send you all your systems and accessories wherever you want, even on the same job site!