Sliding doors kits

Our pre-assembled kits of guides and fittings to install sliding, folding and swing doors have been developed to facilitate the purchase and assembly process of the system for our professionals.

Sliding, folding and swing doors kits

Sliding, folding and swing doors kits

Set up your sliding door track kit easily and quickly

At KLEIN we have developed the new guides and system kits to facilitate the purchase and installation of our systems for sliding, folding and swing doors.

Receive your products where you decide. KLEIN sliding, folding or swing door systems kits have been specially designed for professionals, therefore they include all the necessary components and accessories for installation, all in one package.

We guide you step by step through the selection of features to configure your guide kit for the division of interior spaces. In addition, we offer you important and useful tools and services for installation and construction professionals.

It is very easy to configure the sliding door track and hardware kit or bi-fold door system kit that best suits your project! In addition, KLEIN has consolidated its commitment to innovation in 2023 by developing its new kits for swing doors.

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    KLEIN's system and accessory kits for sliding doors are the perfect solution for your space partitioning projects, including the division of residential interiors, hotels, and offices.

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    If you work in facilities, construction, architecture, or interior design, we offer you an extensive range of solutions and tools for partitioning spaces using sliding, folding, and swing doors.

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    Advantages of choosing KLEIN

    5-year warranty on all our systems and accessories

    KLEIN offers a 5-year guarantee on all its system kits for the installation of sliding, swing and folding doors, as well as on its entire range of accessories and hardware.

    Official certifications in the architectural sector

    KLEIN systems have been tested with 100,000 cycles and have been subjected to the strictest and most rigorous quality controls, which is why all our products have official certifications.

    All the resources at your disposal

    In the (KLEIN downloads section](/en-uk/downloads) you will find all the technical files (CAD and BIM), as well as all the assembly videos of our systems. At KLEIN we are fans of a job well done.

    We help you from start to finish on your space division project

    Do you have questions about how to approach your sliding door installation project? Can't find the sliding door hardware kit or folding door guide kit you're looking for? Contact us by phone or through our contact form.

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