Swing doors systems

The swing doors systems are the ideal solution for those architectural projects that require different solutions for enclosing interior spaces. At KLEIN we have incorporated applications for swing doors with the aim of adding value to your project, enabling partitions and enclosures that pronounce the design of your interior spaces.

Discover the new LEVEL system for swing doors

LEVEL system is the ideal solution for installing wooden and glass swing doors in your projects and works dividing interior spaces.


The perfect complement for your interior space division projects

Our swing door systems kits come with all the components required for installation: hinges, screws, handle, and lock. You’ll receive everything in a single package, making it easier and more convenient for you.

Our swing door proposal is consistent with our brand philosophy: add value to your project with interior partitions and closing solutions to elevate your interior design. We make all kinds of movements available to you, thus contributing to project designs without any barriers or limitations, and with the same goal as always: promoting greater spatial adaptability and improved connectivity between rooms.

Find the best quality swing doors systems at KLEIN

Swing doors: when the ordinary becomes extraordinary

KLEIN also offers kits for wood swing doors: because a single project may require diverse interior closing solutions.

Swing doors are likely the most frequently used type of door in interior architecture. But that doesn’t mean they have to be ordinary or boring.

We’ve designed full kits for swing doors that include accessories that will separate the doors we provide for your project from a common swing door. A swing door up to KLEIN’s standards in terms of quality, design, and ease of installation, swing doors with architectural character.

Swing doors systems: designs that we’re here to enhance

The new KLEIN swing door kits include all the necessary elements for installation: hinges, screws, handle and lock. You will receive everything in a single package, for the convenience of our professionals. In addition, we have designed all KLEIN accessories to install swing doors to elevate the final interior design, as well as the user experience.

The systems for swing doors have been developed from an elegant system with the general objective of improving the acoustics of the installation. Thanks to the LEVEL system, where an ergonomic and, at the same time, surprisingly aesthetic handle for swing doors has also been articulated. Being flush, it blends into the door without losing character. At KLEIN, we like to play with volumes and highlight geometries. Above all, we love providing seductive yet technically perfect apps. Because we want to be your partner in interior architectural systems.

The KLEIN proposal for swing doors: what you need for your interior architecture projects

Our systems always ensure you design freedom in terms of the panel, for greater customization of the final application. In this case, too. Feel free to choose the door wings in harmony or contrast with the interior design you are projecting. We will provide you in a single kit with all the necessary accessories to implement your swing door application also in our ROLLGLASS, EXTENDO and UNIKGLASS systems.

Always by your side, throughout the entire project

Our team is at your service to accompany you throughout your entire project, from the initial idea to its implementation. We would love to learn about your project vision and advise you on ways to optimise the connectivity between rooms and the transformational capacity of your interior spaces by playing with sliding doors and partitions, folding panels, and swing doors. Don’t hesitate to contact us!