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Carpe Studio, Crux Arquitectos




Milena Villalba

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These very hands also give meaning to the layout of the AZA physical therapy clinic;with a single movement, they are able to transform the space, changing the scene depending on the desired outcome. For example, several private patient rooms can be turned into one large common area for group rehabilitation sessions.

A cross-shaped framework made of six sliding wood doorsallows users to instantly transform this healthcare space and multiply the possible services and activities, making the most of the facility and its natural light.

"Multiplying possibilities for use in a limited amount of space. When the health inspector came to the clinic, she couldn’t believe that the space was only 550 square feet"

In this context, the SLID sliding wood system turned out to be the perfect choice: mobile partitioning which allows spaces to be transformed and rooms to be created. Its minimalist design, along with the simple movement of its panels and the absence of floor tracks, are key to merging spaces and making the most of the natural light available.

Healthcare architecture presents several unique challenges. It is becoming increasingly important to find mechanisms that move away from white hallways and artificial light, thus promoting the well-being of users, patients, and professionals. Two architecture firms, CARPE and CRUX,achieved their original goal here: placing people at the center of the activity and using hands as the tool for change.

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