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Nereida de la Mata


Barcelona, Spain


Adrià Goula

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Architect Nereida de la Mataintegrated the pillars of her architectural thinking into the project design for the OnePlaceBCNcoworking space: a sensitivity to sustainability and a drive to create transformable spaces that adapt to people's needs.She has converted the premises, an old warehouse located in the Sants neighborhood of Barcelona, into a coworking space designed specifically for architects, demonstrating her respect for the environment through her careful selection of materials.

Woodwas chosen as the protagonistof this space, which features a minimalist Nordic design:

  • Birch for custom furniture, such as lighting fixtures, stools, and shelving
  • Laminated oak for flooring In complete consistency with the space as a whole, both aesthetically and conceptually, she opted for the installation of KLEIN’s oak wood sliding system,NATURE, as a key element for dividing the office area from the kitchen area.

NATURE, our innovative, eco-friendly, oak wood profile system for glass sliding doors and partitions, fully fits the philosophy of the project, and enhances the harmonious nature of the space. For the first time ever, a traditionally artisan product has been standardized,achieving a beautiful and sustainable system of wooden tracks, designed to organize interior spaces and provide warmth and materiality without taking away any transparency or spaciousness.

The wooden profile sections, with their meticulous details, conceal the irregularities of the space, such as the fact that the walls aren’t perfectly straight and the flooring isn’t completely level, characteristics that are always quite delicate when renovating older spaces.

The user experience, always fundamental when designing KLEIN products, is optimal, since Nature incorporates the KSC Soft Closing braking system,which guarantees a dampened closing with absolutely no bounce back, whether you are opening and closing. This helps to prevent noises and banging in the workplace. With NATURE, KLEIN is proposing a new way to create and livein healthier and more sustainable spaces. It is the first fully standardized wooden system, providing the same ease of installation as classic metal KLEIN systems. A unique solution on the market, with which we are emphasizing our commitment to sustainability and the environment. Check out more details about NATURE here.

Are you interested in a project with sliding glass doors and wooden profiles that facilitate the creation of transformable spaces and enhance the well-being of their users? Contact usand we will support you throughout the entire process, from your original idea until its final installation.

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