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Johannesburg, South Africa


Clearline -Bradkonnect

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The Johannesburg Houghton Hotel, Spa, Wellness & Golfis one of the most recent 5-star hotels in this great South African city. Although it is characterized by the exclusive style of other Houghton hotels, it continues to present several unique and differentiating features in its private spaces, giving its luxurious classicism a modern touch.
In a space in which the materials and systems have been chosen to ensure excellence in every feature, KLEIN®’s telescopic sliding EXTENDO systemstands out as a dynamic partitioning instrument.
Indeed, Extendo Cornerdefines the space dedicated to the bathroom with 4 frameless, corner-installed sliding glass panels,which are held in place by invisible upper pressure clamps, thus avoiding the need to drill the glass. An example of beauty and elegance in movement.By moving one panel, all of the others synchronously follow suit. The way these doors are stored off to the side makes them almost invisible and opens up a vast passageway, without any floor tracks.
With the doors open, the spatial integration is perfect. With the doors closed, the rooms are separated, without the partitions taking up any space: privacy achieved. Since it is recessed in a drop ceiling, the EXTENDO system becomes invisible,thus enhancing the lightness of the glass and its translucent nature.
The design of the Houghton Hotel emits luxurious functionality and, most of all, attention to detail.Because the customer is king and deserves the absolute best.
Combining sophisticated technology, design, and durability,Extendo and all of KLEIN®’s systems are tested to 100,000 cycles,and therefore comply with the UNE-EN 1527 standard. All KLEIN® systems offer the user a 5-year warranty,a reflection of the care and quality that the brand puts into all of its developments.

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    A telescopic sliding glass doors system with up to 4 syncronized panels

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