Sliding glass doors systems

KLEIN sliding glass doors systems are the ideal solutions for dividing residential interior spaces. In addition to providing more spaciousness to our interior spaces, sliding glass doors favor the sensation of visual depth and improve the natural light in your interior spaces.

Natural light protagonism: ROLLGLASS+ system

The ROLLGLASS+ system creates a glass front that combines fixed and mobile glass panels through a single guide that can be hidden in a false ceiling for an absolutely minimalist effect.


The perfect solution for dividing residential, hotel or office environments

KLEIN sliding glass door systems give any architectural project unrivalled flexibility and versatility. The diffusion of natural light, the reconfiguration of spaces, and the optimization of available square footage are some of the features that add value to any architectural project, whether in a residential, hotel, or office environment. You will improve both the connection and circulation between spaces: you’ll be able to fully customize the width of the passageway, based on your project needs.

Define and customize your project requirements on the lefthand side. Choose the size, closing and brake type, application type (visible or recessed), with one or more panels… Adapting our sliding systems to your design is easier than ever!

    This newly constructed social housing building is extremely innovative, both in terms of the materials used for its construction and the design of the housing units.

    Customized finishes and spatial configuration are decisive factors in any hotel project. Material selection can also be key to granting identity and harmony.

    OneplaceBCN: Healthy, harmonious spaces with NATURE, the first wooden profile system.

    Dividing space with elegance and minimalism can be a true challenge; be sure to make the right choice.

  • Our systems for sliding glass doors

    In this section you will find all our systems for sliding glass doors. Select the technical characteristics of your door and installation options through the side filter and we will show you all the ideal solutions for carrying out your project. Access the product sheet to configure the kit for your glass door system in seconds!

    World's very first sliding glass doors system with a wooden profile

    A telescopic sliding glass doors system with up to 4 syncronized panels

    Systems for framed sliding glass doors

    Sliding glass door systems with glass partitions

    An elegant and minimalist sliding glass door system

    The first range of hardware for exterior sliding panels for passive sun protection

    The most versatile sliding glass door system (onto the ceiling, onto the wall, exposed, recessed or concealed mounted)

    Combining sliding wooden system doors with a glass partition

    A sliding glass door system with fixed panels and synchronized double-doors

    A sliding glass doors system with a synchronized movement mechanism, combined to glass partitions

    A sliding glass doors system with self-closing mechanism (without using electricity)

    System for wooden sliding doors between partitions with multiple installation possibilities (ceiling, wall, recessed, concealed)

    Hardware for sliding glass doors: space and light guaranteed

    Systems for sliding glass doors: focus on light

    The transparency the sliding glass doors provides visual continuity between spaces, providing you with a feeling of expansiveness and allowing you to take full advantage of the available square footage. Furthermore, unlike the wood or metal panels, glass ones allow light to pass through in a more efficient way, resulting in warmer, brighter spaces. If you are looking to create optimal passageways and great connectivity, you’ll love our glass telescopic doors. Their mobile panels open with a synchronous, telescopic movement. The most obvious benefit is the extremely limited storage space required.

    The use of glass doors in residential, hospitality and office environments

    Meeting rooms and other common spaces benefit from the installation of sliding glass door systems: they allow the creation of large passage areas without architectural barriers on the floor, with very easy and wide access. These systems also allow adjacent spaces to be merged or divided as desired, giving valuable multifunctionality to the interior spaces. The circulation between spaces as well as their connection are as fundamental elements in hospitality or office environments as in residential environments.

    KLEIN sliding glass doors systems: a certified solution

    In residential environments, sliding glass doors are ideal for maintaining the visual connection between rooms used during the day. For example, installed as a mobile partition between a dining room and a kitchen, our Rollglass+ system for sliding glass doors combined with a fixed architectural wall is perfect. Our Unikglass+ sliding system for a single glass door is also a great option that offers several different versions of sliding glass doors, either in conventional or XXL sizes. In the latter case, the large-size mobile glass panel without any floor tracks produces spectacular results. Once again, we know how to divide, without separating.

    Do you have an architectural project with sliding glass doors?

    Whether you have a new construction project or a renovation project, our sliding systems adapt to the most demanding designs. The filter on the lefthand side of this page will allow you to define your requirements: it will show you the systems and hardware for sliding glass doors that meet your needs.

    You can choose between several installation and finish alternatives, then access the specification sheet for the model you’re interested in. Below, you’ll find some of KLEIN’s recent projects. Contact with us!