Aesthetics, durability and tranquility, three key elements in interior design projects

Incorporate tested systems into structural foundations

Interior designers, architects and construction designers continue to provide solutions to improve connectivity between rooms and provide the user with added value not only in dimensionality options, but also in terms of usability and functionality of the structural and architectural elements of the home.

It is important that, when carrying out home renovation, we think long term, not only by covering a current aesthetic or design need, but also taking into account the depth and adding value through a durable and reliable installation. In response to this need, KLEIN continues to take steps forward by offering systems to divide the rooms of your home, which provide aesthetics and durability, thanks to the testing and guarantee of all its solutions.

It is not practical for users to have profiles that become damaged over time because they do not meet durability requirements. For both the user and the installer, cheap can end up being expensive, so it is important to keep in mind that user trust will always be focused on the usability of the space and security.

Preserving silence is one of the most important elements in any home

Thinking about the need to provide harmonious and welcoming environments, KLEIN specialists have designed the definitive solution to friction noise from dynamic elements of the home, such as doors, windows, and other sliding elements.

In the search to offer a compact and aesthetic solution that meets the most rigorous volume controls, the [SENSUS system]( ) by KLEIN was born with the point of view of users and installers, and is already known in interior design projects as the quietest system for sliding wooden doors in the world thanks to its innovative friction mechanism.

Realzar la estética visual del interior sin perder la comodidad

With the aim of providing total architectural integration with the rest of the elements that make up the interior decoration, KLEIN [SENSUS system]( has been designed with all color finishes, for a perfect fit with any interior environment. Its appeal lies in the possibility of customizing it with a wide variety of finishes, such as elegant silver and black tones.

You need to prioritize the user experience

At the user experience level, SENSUS system for sliding wooden doors has been designed with an adjustable stop mechanism, so that it adapts to any type of user and need.

Regarding installers, with SENSUS system they can enjoy the peace of mind of adjusting the height of the panel. Through this mechanism any surprise on site can be resolved. When planning your project, it is important to keep in mind that the spaces must be adaptable and suitable for all ages and needs.

Do you have a work or interior design project and need advice?

If you have started planning a new work or interior division project and you still do not know the ideal solution that fits the needs of your space, you can contact KLEIN through our contact form](https: // and our specialists will advise you to find the most practical solution.

On the contrary, if what you are interested in is seeing the latest projects regarding the division of spaces with sliding wooden doors, in our projects section You will find inspiring ideas to carry out your remodeling or construction of spaces.

Case studies

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