Telescopic glass doors systems deliver results

In this workplace of the future, Gensler embraced its Newport Beach location, basing the design philosophy on the modern beach home concept and the environment outside its windows. The office is meant to engage employees, clients and the community.

“When we began to design our new workspace in Newport Beach, our goal was to accelerate connectivity, creativity and productivity,” says Kim Graham, principal and managing director at Gensler Newport Beach.


To achieve its goals, Gensler required an office system that allowed them to balance employees’ needs for privacy with the benefits of natural light and views. Klein’s Extendo telescopic sliding glass door system gave them the ability to partition the wide-open public spaces and the nine private focus areas.

The specific Extendo frameless glass system they selected has telescoping glass door panels with a track at the top, providing frameless floors and jambs.

“Maximizing transparency and views was very important to us, and the unseen detail of the Extendo two-door frameless-glass system was really appealing,” said James Young, a principal at Gensler.

The system used at Gensler Newport Beach features two telescopic frameless glass doors that open simultaneously, leaving a clear opening of eight feet.

“What we love about the Klein system are the very wide openings that make the private spaces open up to the environment outside and create a sense of flow throughout the workplace,” said Young. “It is a very sophisticated and beautiful sliding glass wall that we felt supported the residential kind of atmosphere and feel that this was a big, open home for people to work in.”


Gensler, known for its thought leadership and workplace research, put the results of its studies to work.

During the highly collaborative design process, they reduced private office space by 50 percent, and introduced a variety of workspaces, including informal meeting spaces, a circular research library, a design innovation lab and a public gallery with a café. They even added an open-air plaza with complimentary WiFi and laptop plug-ins designed for mobile work.

Now the office building literally embodies the four work modes that surfaced as a result of Gensler’s research: focus, collaboration, learning and socialization.


The use of the Extendo telescopic glass door system has not only helped Gensler Newport Beach achieve a feeling of flow and openness in the new workspace, it is also contributing to the LEED Platinum certification they’re pursing.

Built with a commitment to sustainability, Gensler Newport Beach reduced lighting power by more than 20% and water usage by more than 40%. They used low-emitting adhesives and sealants; paints and coatings; flooring systems; composite woods; and systems furniture and seating materials consistently throughout the project.

“We’ve embraced innovation through every component of our new home in Newport Beach,” said Kim Graham.

And Young adds, “Seeing the glass panel slide back to reveal another open room — similar to what you might find in your home — receives a lot of attention. It’s worked out very well for us.”

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