Modern yet warm office design

The result

A surprisingly harmonious design for beautiful, functional and accessible offices. The absence of any frames or floor tracks further highlights the beauty of the contrast between these two classic materials, all while maintaining spatial continuity.

FRONT system optimizes floor use, taking advantage of the minimal space taken up by sliding entrances. A striking sliding wood panel becomes the protagonist of this aesthetic and functional structure, incorporating the KSC (Klein Soft Closing) braking system, which guarantees a smooth, silent sliding without any slamming or bounce-back. The warmth and roundness of the wood balance out the light, almost sterile nature of the frameless fixed glass architectural wall. This allows for an increased sense of spatial continuity and facilitates the distribution of natural light and internal communication, providing the modern touch this system is known for.

Easy and intuitive mounting with KLEIN systems

In either case, you are guaranteed an easy and intuitive installation that will provide maximum efficiency during assembly and greater protection for the materials. The sub-frame system, specially designed for applications with recessed drop ceiling installations, makes the job even easier: it does not require any prior positioning and ensures a perfect fit with the drywall, thus integrating the system and hiding the aluminum.

Maintenance for this system is also quite simple and convenient; easy access to both the system itself and its braking mechanism means you won't have to open up the drop ceiling. Industrial psychologists have found that employees’ perception and productivity is affected by changes in their environmental stimuli. FRONT is the perfect tool for designing spaces that are simultaneously motivating, beautiful, and efficient.

Case studies

Interior large format carpentry

Let's talk about interior woodwork and, more specifically, about doors, a fundamental element in the traditional division of interior spaces.