Kitchen refurbishment: 4 key points

1) Make the most of the space in the kitchen, but without doing any major rebuilding work.
To begin with, we will identify the type of folding that best fits the characteristics of the site. Identify what are the site’s specifications in terms of space or mobility of the panels of our folding sliding door. Now is the time to assess the type of folding of our folding sliding door, in order to determine whether we require a central or a lateral folding system. Identifying this element is key, as it impacts on both the placement and position of the hinges, as well as on other structural elements of the assembly process.
2) My kitchen is dark and lacks personality. What can I do?
Replace some of the conventional partitions to remove any barrier that might be blocking the diffusion of natural light, a source of well-being and joy. Use the ROLLGLASS+ system to create glass fronts that combine both fixed partitions and frameless sliding doors. A small change will make a big difference and will increase the market value of your dwelling!
3) A better connection between the kitchen and the dining room would increase daily comfort. Any ideas?
Yes! Kitchen is no longer lived as a purely functional area it is now considered as the heart of our home. There are many options in terms of connection, ranging from improved access to merging two spaces. Implementing a sliding or folding door with wider passageway immediately improves communication. But you can go further, and suggest dynamic partitions, designed to be able to divide or merge, as desired. See some examples, both in glass and wood, in a wide variety of styles.
4) I need to change the interior doors and would like that intervention to be a real game changer.
Interior carpentry sets the style of a home. Historically, all interior doors used to be hinged and wooden, but we are now more open to variety, as a tool of increased functionality and personalization. Setting the right characteristics for every partition allows improved and more structured interiors, easier circulation and more available space. Think about including sliding and folding doors to connect two rooms. Eliminate sweeping gap in bathrooms, kitchen and dressing rooms. Does your client need transformable spaces to live more comfortably? KLEIN sliding tracks are your solution. Because one movement changes everything.
Case studies

Interior large format carpentry

Let's talk about interior woodwork and, more specifically, about doors, a fundamental element in the traditional division of interior spaces.