Drop ceiling installation with KLEIN+: Intuitive and Invisible

Our innovation:

Quick and easy assembly in two stages, with a recessed pre-frame for both glass and wood applications.

The result:

An invisible system with perfect finishes, and without any visible flaps!

Intuitive assembly, step by step:
  • Position the pre-frame for drop ceilings and connect it to the plasterboard during the first stage of the installation.
  • During the second stage, assemble the system profile.
  • Then comes the glass with the pressure clamps.
  • And, finally, install whichever braking system you’ve chosen (KSC o KBS+).
There are many benefits to our intuitive assembly for drop ceilings with KLEIN+:
  • Reduces project execution times.
  • Prevents breakage.
  • Ensures a clean installation.
  • Allows adjustments to be made once assembled.

"Technology and design contribute to the final result: a floor-to-ceiling glass or wood finish, without any visible system or flaps. Your project, just as you imagined!"

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