Folding Doors: flexible interiors

Another way to add space

Folding doors do not take up much space when open, since they fold on top of each other. By getting rid of the area usually necessary for opening, you end up saving space which, even though it may not seem like much, can be crucial when it comes to achieving fluid and comfortable movement. You also free up wall space, which is always important in terms of decorating. The installation of sliding doors also allows you to avoid the uncomfortable banging of swing doors that are too close together, something that can happen in small spaces.

Another way to transform space

Since they fold laterally, perpendicular to the partition, they require very little room for storing the open doors, freeing up an ample passageway which, in the case of the Lite Par application, has no floor tracks, regardless of whether it is the two-panel or 2+2 configuration. This almost complete opening in the wall makes two rooms into one. You can see below examples of Lite Fold application (with up to 5 folding panels) and Lite Par, which opens to transform interiors by joining spaces or dividing them, depending on your needs.

Another way to create style

With Lite Fold and Lite Par, you are able to achieve total architectural integration by choosing an application that is recessed in a drop ceiling. This choice boosts the beauty of the wood, which becomes the only visible element, from floor to ceiling. The effect is even more striking if you choose to use invisible hinges.

Folding wood door systems create light, aesthetic, comfortable and functional applications. That touch that makes the difference and customizes your interior design project.

Case studies

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