Strategies for boosting natural light in interior spaces

1-. Glass in interior doors optimizes the distribution of natural light and the division of space

Natural light is indispensable for both the psychological health and visual comfort of the occupants of an interior space. Natural illumination also has the ability to make an interior space seem bigger, stretching out from its physical dimensions and proportions. The abundance of natural light expands our perceptions and blurs the limits of the space. For this reason, architects place a high level of importance on the presence of natural light in all interior designs. Here, we will share some strategies on how to allow more illumination in your projects.

2-. Greater sense of space to improve comfort

Frameless glass partitions, in both sliding and fixed versions, boost the diffusion of light in interior spaces. These partitions allow you to make the most of deeply situated interiors in commercial or residential structures by allowing both organization and visual continuity. These partitions allow dark spaces to both indirectly benefit from natural light and establish contact with the exterior surroundings.

3-. Better communication, modernity and transparency in interior spaces

Architects can optimize the diffusion of light and play with the angles through which it filters into a space. In this way, a 90º fixed corner addition, designed and constructed completely in glass, will allow natural light to penetrate even deeper and for a longer amount of time each day, limiting areas of shade.

Corner applications to optimize light angles

Another topic which we must not lose sight of is the enclosure of offices. Spatial divisions effectuated through the use of glass systems become a tool for better communication. This design signals not only transparency and modernity, which are convincingly positive values, but also an openness and predisposition to communication.

Improve visual depth in very high ceilings

Even in the case of very high ceilings, it is possible to take full advantage of the entry of light. KLEIN UnikGlass+ Air is designed to be mounted onto the transom glass, and allows light to pass through easily, from floor to ceiling. This system also presents a bolder aesthetic, taking the best advantage of the additional height of the space.

Case studies

Interior large format carpentry

Let's talk about interior woodwork and, more specifically, about doors, a fundamental element in the traditional division of interior spaces.