Dynamic partitions: Creating flexible spaces owing to a simple assembly process

Set up interiors through mounting movable partitions:

Owing to the KLEIN LITE system (for panels weighing up to 100 kg) and the SLID system (for panels weighing up to 150 kg), it is very easy to implement sliding wooden panels and ensure spatial versatility.


At KLEIN, we are constantly innovating. We continue to improve our fittings and systems’ functionality as well as users’ experience. We work alongside professionals to facilitate their choice as well as their mounting process.

This post explains how you can create residential multifunctional spaces thanks to the LITE and SLID systems.

Make your spaces more flexible and adaptable with the SLID PAR and SLID FOLD folding door systems

Both the LITE PAR&FOLD folding door systems (for doors weighing 100 kg) and the SLID PAR/FOLD folding door system (for doors weighing 150 kg) allow large lengths to be closed, while requiring minimal parking area. They also are the ideal solution when creating multifunctional spaces.


Contact KLEIN and start creating multi-functional interiors

Do you have a project with movable partitions but you did not find yet the solution that best suits your project? Can't find the system you need to install a folding door in your home? If you want to know all the options we can provide you with to create more flexible interior spaces, do not hesitate to contact KLEIN through our contact form.

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