5 tips you need to know before installing a sliding door

Finding the KLEIN system that best suits the needs of your installation or project is very simple. If you know the technical characteristics of your installation, KLEIN considers it is essential to always have the following 5 pieces of information at hand. It will allow us to show you the exact system that best suits the needs of your project. Access the KLEIN product catalogue and find versatile solutions to your new architectural interior design.

● Weight of the door

The weight of the door is the first thing to know when purchasing a fitting, a track or a profile to install a sliding door. Remember that KLEIN offers you a weight calculator to help you accurately and quickly get this data.

● Where it is going to be installed

Once we know the weight of the door we are going to install, it is time to decide how visible you want the profile that will hold the door to be. It is time to decide whether we are going to install a system that is identifiable at first sight, that is, visible onto the wall/ceiling or, on the contrary, if we want a recessed or concealed installation, with a hidden profile:

  • Visible wall or ceiling installation
  • Recessed ceiling installation
  • Recessed installation into the ceiling
● Profile length

As the installation is aimed at partitioning or dividing interior spaces, the length of the profile therefore is a key element. KLEIN Online Shop offers you profiles available in a whole range of standard sizes. However, if you need any bespoke solution, do not hesitate to contact us by phone: we will have a solution for you.

● Door brake

Finally, it is time to decide the braking system for our sliding door. It is time to determine the closing and opening effort we want our sliding door to require. This is one of users’ key considerations.

KLEIN offers you all types of braking solutions. In addition to the systems with a stopping device, we have also developed two types of braking devices to improve the braking system of our sliding doors. Thanks to the KBS brake (Klein Brake System), we can guarantee a controlled and shock-free braking system, which improves the durability of the installation.

On the other hand, the KSC (Klein Soft Closing) brake not only improves the damping when closing but also allows a deceleration of the system when opening or closing.

● Colour of the system

Finally, it is time to choose the colour. When choosing the finish of the system, we are ending the configuration process of our profile. Most part of the KLEIN sliding door tracks range is available in two finishes: silver and black.

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