Hyatt Hotel



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Nobutaka Ashihara


New York


Bjorg Magnea

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KLEIN easily responds by offering many options
A lot of attention is given to guest rooms and other environments of the hotel.
But why not impress visiting guests while they attend general functions in conference environments?
The use of sliding frameless glass or wood panels around conference areas will certainly make your design statement. As a matter of fact, most meeting environments face a typical design challenge… how do we more fully open a conference space for ease of entry/exit? KLEIN addresses it by offering many options including telescopic, synchronized or bi-parting systems for a maximized and clear passageway, free of any floortrack.

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    Hardware designed for big and heavy sliding wooden doors

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    A cross-shaped framework made of six sliding wood doorsallows users to instantly transform this healthcare space and multiply the possible services and activities.
    The double folding doors, hung in 2 + 2 configuration and guided by the LITE PAR, now function to separate the kitchen from the dining area.
    This challenge has been spectacularly overcome through the use of KLEIN systems, which are present in every one of the 234 rooms in the complex