Folding doors in 55 square meter apartment



Project details


María G. Ferro + Jordi Castro


Héctor Santos Diez

Project type

Visual continuity between spaces

In this first phase, for example, an alcove that in the future will be a large closet is used to create a small kitchen in the dining room. It’s, from the start, totally hidden by wood-fronted folding doors.

These double folding doors, hung in 2 + 2 configuration and guided by the LITE PAR system from KLEIN®, now function to separate the kitchen from the dining area. Closed, it becomes a decorative element that shows off four oak panels that stretch from floor to ceiling, blending perfectly with the wood of the walls. Open, it frees the whole of the kitchen space, with no architectural barriers, as the doors require no lower rail. This will, in the future expansion, become the double door to an expansive closet, permitting easy and comfortable access.

"Folding doors and sliding panels: highly functional, aesthetic resources that become key elements in the design of evolving spaces"

The current office is to become the vestibule of the future great room. One enters the space by opening a wide, sliding wood panel. The sliding door disappears into the wall, guided by the SLID INTRA system, seamlessly built in to the false ceiling. SLID from KLEIN® guides panels of up to 150kg, with no need for floor rails. This then provides a smooth transition and affords visual continuity between spaces

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    KLEIN's most discreet and compact hardware for 2,3, 4 and even 5-leaf folding doors

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