Closet doors hardware

KLEIN closet door hardware have been manufactured with the aim of facilitating the application of sliding or folding doors also in furniture, dressing rooms and cloakrooms. Find the best solutions to optimize your closet space and space thanks to the versatility of our closet door guides.

A guarantee also for your wardrobes

KLEIN has a long and recognized experience in the design and manufacture of sliding door systems for built-in wardrobes and interior doors. For this reason, it is known by installers, architects and furniture manufacturers for the high quality of its guides, durability and technical reliability.


Design the perfect dressing room: KLEIN makes it easy for you

Our sliding hardware for closet doors guarantee minimal separation between mobile panels, even when using parallel-sliding panels or mobile openings. Our designs are characterized by elegance and minimalism.

We have a wide range of sliding systems for wardrobe doors, which will blend in perfectly with your architectural project. Your design will stand out, down to the very last detail. Smooth, silent, convenient sliding is something we always look for in wardrobe doors. And we absolutely prioritize doors that facilitate easy circulation.

Sliding door closet hardware: an aesthetic solution to maximize space and functionality

Custom sliding wardrobe doors: customize your door size

KLEIN’s technical and design teams offer sliding wardrobe door systems that can be customized with your preferred material and panel type based on the design you have in mind. Mirror, glass, or wood are some of the most common materials, but you can also think about using rattan or other natural fibers. The comfort and enjoyment of a home are partly determined by storage space. In residential interior design, wardrobes and closets are an essential part of facilitating users’ daily life without compromising the aesthetic or functionality of the space as a whole.

Movement that adapts to the design of your wardrobe

The way the wardrobe or closet door moves allows you to have greater visibility and access. One or several panels, full opening with folding sliding doors, or simply with XL wardrobe sliding doors—everything will depend on the aesthetic result you are seeking, as well as which features you want to prioritize. You can find all of our alternatives for sliding doors for closets here.

Sliding door closet hardware: an aesthetic solution to maximize space and functionality

Regardless of whether you opt for a hidden or visible track for your sliding door system in the wardrobe you’re designing, keep in mind that this decision will define the overall aesthetic of the project.

Depending on the number of mobile panels used in your design, the style of the application will vary. The specification sheets for our systems, with all of their details, are available here.

We manufacture sliding track closet doors for construction and architecture professionals

At KLEIN, we are known for designing and manufacturing high-quality tracks that are technically reliable. We are experts in the manufacturing of sliding door systems for built-in wardrobes and access doors, and we are an industry reference for installers, architects, and interior designers in search of innovation.

The technical possibilities regarding their installation, as well as their integration into your project, are a crucial part of producing a coherent, aesthetic, and functional result. Whether you choose sliding mirror doors with one or more sliding or folding panels, sliding wood or glass doors, or folding doors, you have endless options for your contemporary or classic design.