Revitalize your workplace with glass office walls

Older office buildings often contain older design styles: small offices with walls, doors, and partitions that separate the employees. Modern designers now understands the benefits of using glass office walls to open up the space, and companies are finding that employees have increased productivity and happiness levels with these types of design features. If you are in an old, drab, poorly lit office space, it can be easily updated to create a bright and happy environment.


These old office designs are “boxy” and decrease the flow of sunlight throughout the office, and the dim lighting and lack of sunlight can have a negative impact on creativity, satisfaction, happiness, and even the health of your employees. Psychologically, people feel as though they are trapped behind the walls and cut off from the other people in the office. Additionally, the physical barriers cause mental barriers that decrease communication and make it harder to foster an environment of creativity.

If you look at the impact of productivity, you can see that millions of dollars could potentially be lost because of a poor work environment. On the other hand, a simple investment to upgrade the design of the office can help to boost employee morale and increase the productivity of the entire team. Sliding glass walls and doors can change the way the office space is used, helping to create a cohesive team where everyone is working together to improve their results.


When glass walls are in place, employees find it easier to approach and talk with other people within the company. In the past, people were more timid to approach someone that they didn’t see very often, but the glass walls help to open up the space and increase visibility of everyone in the office. The open space makes communication more effective, because employees can see the body language and gestures of other people that they are working with.

Additionally, glass helps to open up the lines of creativity. When it comes to the flow of ideas, employees need an environment that sparks their creativity and facilitates brainstorming and collaboration. Glass walls are vibrant, open, and alive, to connect the ideas of everyone on the team.


Many people feel as though old, closed-off offices are dungeons, and the dimly-lit space can have a direct impact on their attitude and emotions. These feelings create dissatisfaction with their job, resulting in a situation where the company is facing higher turnover and decreased productivity because employees are not satisfied with their working conditions.

Glass helps to open up the space and create a beautiful environment where employees can thrive. It boosts collaboration between employees, and helps people to feel more positive about their workspace and the company that they are working for.

You can learn more about the steps that can be followed to develop a creative, fun work environment through modern design techniques. By downloading our white paper, “Creating the Workplace of the Future,” you will see the direct impact that glass walls and other open spaces can have on your work space.


Klein USA, Inc. is a global leader in high-quality glass office walls uniquely designed to provide the A&D industry with the most innovative solutions, enhancing both space and light sharing. Use of Klein’s frameless top-hung glass doors imparts a clean, modern look to any commercial application.

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