How to install a floor track for folding doors

1) Decide the type of folding (central or lateral)

To begin with, we will identify the type of folding that best fits the characteristics of the site. Identify what are the site’s specifications in terms of space or mobility of the panels of our folding sliding door. Now is the time to assess the type of folding of our folding sliding door, in order to determine whether we require a central or a lateral folding system. Identifying this element is key, as it impacts on both the placement and position of the hinges, as well as on other structural elements of the assembly process.

2) Place the rollers and align the upper profile

Once the type of folding is defined, we will place the rollers and align the upper profile of our folding sliding door according to the number of panels we want to install. Make sure that the upper track has been fixed in the right place and in the right way, keeping in mind that it needs to be aligned with the floor track. In this first step, we will also place the bearings of our system in the upper guide.

3) Alignment of the lower guide

Once the upper profile is in place, we will draw the line on the floor that will serve as a guide -remember that it needs to be completely aligned with the upper profile-. On the other hand, we will fit the pivot of the lower profile on the floor - vertically aligned with the profile of the ceiling -, as this will be the component that will tell us where to make the groove. At this point, we are creating the junction point between the lower guide and the upper guide.

4) Groove cut to locate the profile

Next, we will cut the groove in the floor with a radial saw, which will be used to locate the lower guide. It is very important that the dimensions of the groove are the same as those of the floor guide, so, to make sure, we will make a 14 mm wide and 18 mm deep groove. In addition, we will have to take into consideration the floor’s material so as to use the right saw blade. If the floor is made of stone or marble, we will use a pneumatic hammer, or we will carry out carpentry work to polish and even out the space resulting from the groove.

5) Set up the lower track into the floor

Once we have the groove polished and fully aligned, we will screw our lower profile and drill the holes needed to install our floor track onto the floor. Before screwing the system, KLEIN recommends inserting plugs into the fixing holes.

Place the wooden door on the lower pivot and then fit it into the upper guide. Finally, we will articulate all the remaining accessories of the installation to finish installing our folding door. If you need more information and details on the steps to follow when installing the floor track for your folding door, have a look at the complete instruction sheets for the SLID FOLD system with either central folding or side folding.

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