Sliding doors hardware

KLEIN's sliding doors hardware are the ideal solution for interior space partitioning or dividing projects, whether in homes, hotels or offices, thanks to their design and durability. Discover all our solutions and start your own project for dividing, partitioning or creating multifunctional spaces through mobile glass, wood or metal partitions!

Discover the new NATURE hardware

NATURE is the latest innovation from KLEIN to create flexible spaces from a glass door with an oak wood frame. NATURE is the first hardware in the world to divide spaces with sliding glass doors with oak wood profiles.

Hardware that adapts to your spaces

Sliding door hardware makes any project versatile, transformable, and expandable: spaces can be connected, merged, or divided. The spatial adaptability of rooms is one more aspect to consider when designing and building.
Projects are planned around the concepts of connecting, dividing, merging, expanding, opening, and transforming rooms, and a sliding door system turns these goals into a construction reality.
Here, you will find sliding door hardware that will respond to all of your project’s interior closing solution needs, regardless of where you are implementing the application.

Sliding doors: the perfect option for creating versatile, customizable rooms

Unique and dynamic spaces with our wide range of systems for sliding doors

The way we experience different spaces changes, alongside our needs, not just throughout the day, but also over the course of our lives. Our sliding door tracks facilitate adaptability, allowing any room to be transformed, whether it’s in an office, residential, or hotel environment.

A wide range of sliding doors tracks to enliven and enhance your spaces

Whether you’re working on a renovation project or new construction, KLEIN® hardware for sliding doors adapts to an extremely wide range of interior design projects. Their minimalist design allows you to prioritize what you really want to highlight, promoting connectivity and spatial transformation.
Elevate your project by customizing it with a sliding door system adapted to your project vision: integrate bi-parting sliding doors, parallel doors, sliding doors between partitions , corner doors, or telescopic sliding doors. We offer endless possibilities in terms of movement type, mobile panel material, finish, mobile panel size, passageway width, and installation type.

Which track is best for a hotel, residential, or office project?

If you prefer to discover for yourself the systems in our catalog of sliding glass, wooden or metal door systems, scroll down and click on those that interest you. You will then see its benefits and requirements.
KLEIN® systems for sliding doors have been tested to 100,000 cycles. They are certified by the most prestigious organizations. Check here all our Certifications
Discover the newest KLEIN solutions for sliding doors
KLEIN hardware for sliding doors features a minimalist design, suitable for all types of interior design. They respond to real project needs, whether in new construction or renovations. To see the features and requirements for sliding glass, wood, or metal door hardware, go to our products page and scroll down and click on the ones that interest you most.
You will find various finishes, multiple installation options, and a wide variety of mobile partition types. Use the filter of our products page to choose the attributes that are best suited to your project.
Play with movement, finishes, and accessories to design unique, ever-changing spaces, as a way to optimise circulation or simply take advantage of the available square footage.