Partitions: so many options to ensure dynamism to your interior design

What is a room partition?

The goal behind room partitionsis to be able to modify interior spaces and adapt them to the concrete needs of any given moment. The recent onset of remote work has demonstrated how important it is to have different spatial transformation tools for creating a new private, tranquil room within the family environment.

Dividing spaces easily and reversibly, and being able to personalize your immediate surroundings to make them more private, has become key to working effectively from home.

What are the benefits of room partitions?

The use of movable wallstruly allows you to play with the set-up of your home when it comes time to enjoy the space, since rooms can be dividedonly when necessary, without losing out on the opportunity to enjoy their maximum square footage and continuity when desired. These dividers also allow you to take advantage of residual spaces, which wouldn’t be attractive with conventional, permanent partitioning. The possibilities are endless with movable partition walls, since they can be used for occasional divisions, or for the daily set-up of a certain space.

Hence the value of room partitionsas a new way to think about interior design. These light, movable wallsgive the user the ability to modify the set-up of the space they live in without having to build new walls or knock down existing ones.

Find the perfect KLEIN room partition for your project

In some cases, putting in a bookcase, a piece of furniture, or even a rug can be enough to divide things visually, but in many cases, if we really want to create a new room that allows for privacy and comfort, we’ll need to use movable walls,chosen based on the set-up and use that will be given to the spaces. Will it just be a visual separation? Do you want it to also be a barrier for sound and air? Would you like this room partition to allow natural light to flow through the home? What type of accessibility is needed between the two rooms? Answering these questions will tell us what kind of movement might be most appropriate and, from there, we can plan how much storage space will be needed for the movable partition wall.

That’s why hanging room dividersare ideal for situations where you want to maintain floor continuity, since many sliding and folding systems do not require a bottom track. Since there won’t be any barriers on the floor, the rooms won’t seem marked off, and you’ll be able to enjoy maximum accessibility. Plus, versions with the upper track recessed in a drop ceiling profile allow for the utmost architectural integration.

Discover KLEIN’s glass room dividers and wooden partitions

When it comes to designing your home in a small space, or in the event of certain redesigns or renovations, excessive compartmentalization is problematic in terms of achieving natural light throughout the home.

The use of glass room partitionsis highly recommendable for taking advantage of the light that comes in through each room, while simultaneously maintaining a certain continuity. A glass divider between the kitchen and living roomis ideal for homes that want to prevent odors and smoke from moving from one space to the other, without either of them losing light or continuity.

Playing with the transparency of glass is a great way to increase privacy without losing natural light, in bathrooms, for example.

KLEIN, an expert in interior architectural systems, offers a wide range of sliding and folding applications, door-stowing systems, and movable glass and wooden partitions designed that adapt to your project just as you planned it, while also ensuring maximum architectural integration and an easy installation.

Check out all of KLEIN’s room partition applications here, by panel material and weight.

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