5 innovations in door design

KLEIN’s award winning architectural systems are engineered to be functional, durable and aesthetic for a wide range of commercial and residential applications. While the sliding door system may not be the highest priority or focus for a designer or developer, when integrated into a building’s interior design, they elevate the look and feel of a room to a new level.

What makes our products some of the best on the market? KLEIN’s persistent drive to engineer the best sliding door systems is reflected in our innovative products lines. We adhere to the highest manufacturing standards to create easy to install systems that look great and last. We try to minimize project delays by keeping a substantial inventory on hand in our New Jersey warehouse. And along with our commitment to sustainability we are introducing new products that push the boundaries of what can be accomplished in the process of manufacturing our systems. If you’d like to learn more, read on to discover 5 of KLEIN’s most recent product innovations & releases.


The EXTENDO line is a telescoping sliding glass system and helps the transition between entryways function in a futuristic fashion. To expand our color and product options, we recently extended to offer anodized “brushed metal” profiles that give our systems a matte, high-end finish. Anodized metal- similar to the finish found on MacBooks– give a luxurious feel and luster to sliding door systems and interior designs.


Tempo door handles are centered on ergonomics. Designed to work with our sliding door systems, these handles sport an easily graspable, slightly curved lip that allows you to easily and effortlessly glide open a door.


Rollglass +250 KSC is a system made to hold large sheets of glass for partitions and dividers. The system is unique in that it is an extremely simple and easy to install design, but with brilliant built-in technical considerations. The system can easily be installed recessed for a hidden, minimal aesthetic, and the clamps are designed to hold up to 550lbs glass sheets. As a result, you can create movable glass walls and partitions without any visible tracks- which makes the action of sliding the glass walls a smooth and seamless experience.


KLEIN’s SLID 150 KSC line is made up of an aluminum mechanism designed to hold XXL panels. This system is best seen in practice to create wooden sliding doors and dividers, as it is designed to hold heavyweight, wooden panels up to 330 lbs. Because of its technically engineered soft brake system- the movement of these panels will also consist of a smooth, gentle glide, regardless of the heaviness of the mobile panel. So you never have to worry about your sliding door slamming into something!


The first system with an all-wood profile, the newly released NATURE line was designed with our natural world & sustainability in mind. KLEIN’s work in creating a product up to the highest sustainability standards led NATURE to win the 2021 Red Dot Award for Best Product Design. Not only is this product made with PEFC-certified wood and chemical free metals and materials, but it also helps other buildings achieve LEED certifications due to it’s versatile design applications and characteristics.

As you can see, at KLEIN we take great pride and care in the engineering and manufacturing of innovative and well-designed sliding door systems. Our design innovations, including the details and assembly of door design, shape the user experience and install process. In turn, we are able to transform the ways we use our spaces and the way we feel indoors in beautiful, inspirational ways. If you’d like to learn more about any of our products for your next project, download a brochure on our product pages, or reach out to one of our qualified experts today.

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