Sliding metal doors hardware

KLEIN's sliding metal door hardware have been developed with the aim of facilitating the application of sliding doors in industrial environments or in warehouses characterized by high door weights. Its visible fittings also fit into an interior design that seeks a distinctive and more daring touch based on the visibility of metal.

Robustness and durability with the K hardware

Hardware K occupies the number one ranking of industrial solutions for KLEIN, which is why it is the best seller of its range in our entire history. K stands out for its robustness and durability, a fact that makes it ideal for industrial environments.

Hardware for sliding doors and industrial-style spaces

Designed for application in industrial environments or warehouses, sliding metal doors will hardware also allow you to create bold residential interiors with visible hardware, for a more industrial look.
Functional and highly adaptable, our systems for metal sliding doors respond to your most demanding project requirements in terms of panel weight, movement type, and passageway size.

Industrial spaces with efficiently divisions

Functionality and durability hand in hand for industrial environments

Our hardware for sliding metal doors stand out for their functionality and the type of movement of the panels, to respond to some needs for weight, opening and passage light that can be very specific. KLEIN's range of metal sliding door hardware includes endless solutions for the preservation of all KLEIN components from an industrial point of view.

Sliding applications for warehouses and garages

The LITE FOLD track allows FRAME folding applications, with up to 5 panels and 100 kg in total. You can choose between central or lateral folding, depending on the needs of the reform. In both cases, regarding the installation, for a minimalist finish, we suggest the RETRAC application since the space between the frame and the profile is only 3mm. To do this, you must machine the frame leaving a space for the hidden fittings as shown in the following image:

Hardware that stand out for their functionality and durability

The partitioning and division of spaces on surfaces and industrial environments requires installation characteristics that are practical and functional for the activity in the environment. In this way, KLEIN hardware for sliding metal doors have been certified with the highest quality standards in order to offer applications to divide industrial spaces also in sliding and folding doors.
Do you have an industrial style architectural project? Contact us!
Our range includes sliding and hinged multi-panel metal systems but also sliding hardware for single-panel metal doors of various weights. If you have a project to partition interior spaces with metallic or metal sliding doors and you still do not know all our solutions, you can contact KLEIN. Our specialists will advise you based on the specific needs and characteristics of your project!