Apartment in Sant Gervasi



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Barcelona, Spain.


José Hévia

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Modernity, beauty, and balance with SLID, by KLEIN
In the renovation of this long, north-facing duplex located in the Sant Gervasi neighborhood of Barcelona, the Arquitectura-Gfirm chose to take full advantage of the available space and provide an explosion of light.
Yellow was the color chosen to lend cohesiveness and identityto this industrial-chic project,which has been published in numerous international architecture and design magazines. Kitchen, sofas, cabinetry, stairs... All of the most important elements of the project were carefully chosen in different tones of yellow.
"We decided to use materials with vivid colors to bolster the reflection of light in some areas and thus undo the lack of natural light, the architects stated"
The Arquitectura-G team knew how to take advantage of the home’s long structure, implementing light partitions that facilitate circulation without taking up space.The most notable among these elements are the two large sliding doors mounted on either side of the spiral staircase. Guided by KLEIN’s SLID 150system, two yellow wooden panels efficiently divide the area while also highlighting the harmonious nature of the spaces. Their drop ceiling installation, without any floor tracks, makes them appear even lighter.
With a simple movement, SLID allows you to divide or merge spaces as needed.Adding the KSC Soft Closing braking systemensures a dampened, silent closing, with absolutely no bounce back. Check out all the technical specifications of our SLID 150 system here.
Functionality, beauty, and balance—three of the most significant characteristics that represent our sliding systems—are all on display in the project designed by Arquitectura-G in Sant Gervasi.What do you think? Are you interested in a similar application?

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